Ongoing collaborative effort to catalogue the books and periodicals mentioned in Anne Lister's journals.

Anne Lister's travel observations aggregated as modern travel reviews.

This guide offers a starting point for understanding the language Anne Lister used to describe her sexual practices.

Ongoing collection of names of people (and animals!) referred by Anne Lister in her journals and letters to help contextualize her words as well as facilitate transcription work and subsequent research.

Ongoing cataloguing of mentions of Ann Walker sketching or drawing across Anne Lister's journals.

A project to help surface interesting sketches and explanatory drawings from Anne Lister's journals to explore Anne's visual thinking.

This project is to compile all aspects of Anne’s experiences of performing arts.

A collaborative effort to compile as many of Anne's communications as possible

A collection of references to food and drink documented by Anne in her journals and correspondence.

A project to collect references of Anne's commentary about religion, as documented in her journals.

A project to collect references of the variations of Ann Walker's nickname used by Anne Lister and others.

This project aims at creating a resource that will benefit those who are interested in studying the fashion of the 19th Century

Anne referred to her period as her 'cousin' and meticulously recorded when her cycle began. This project aims to create a resource that will benefit those interested in studying women's health in the 19th Century.

This project collects learning experiences documented in Anne's journal for the purpose of better understanding her education and endless pursuit of knowledge.

Anne meticulously documented bowel movements (or lackthereof) when it came to tracking her health, and that of others. This project aims to collect those details to gain a better understanding of 19th century beliefs and Anne's own personal health.

Readers of Anne Lister's journals frequently come across terms that are uncommon, no longer used, obscure, or that she had adapted for her own convenience.

This project aims at collecting all of Anne Lister's peculiar word choices and uses, which will help casual readers and researchers alike to better understand her through her journals, letters, notes and accounts.

A collaborative project to find and log all the references to Ann Walker, her extended family and her residences mentioned in the journals of Anne Lister.

A volunteer based project to create complete transcriptions of every page of Anne Lister’s journals, led by the West Yorkshire Archive Service.