Anne Lister's Letter Bag

Shantel SmithPublished on 26 November, 2020 · Last updated on 29 June, 2023
 Cover photo: Joanna Kosinska

Anne Lister left behind a large amount of correspondence

In Anne Lister's journal, it's not uncommon to find passages in which Anne writes to friends, family, and business relations. The content of these communications varies according to context. Still, they all have one thing in common: they are fragments of Anne's and her relations' day to day lives.

This spreadsheet is a collaborative effort to compile as many of Anne's communications as possible. Whether they are notes, scraps of paper, or plain old fashioned letters, we want to keep track of all of Anne Lister's correspondence. 

Letters and Notes from the Past 

There is currently no complete list of Anne Lister's correspondence. This project aims to accomplish that. Many of Anne Lister's communications are part of various archival collections throughout the UK. But more often than not,  references to these letters and notes only exist in Anne's journals.

To view all the rows in the spreadsheet, click the 'Open Spreadsheet' button in the top right corner of the sheet. 

Reference tracker: Letter index


This project is made possible through ongoing contributions from the following people:

How to contribute to this project

Tip: Don't worry about completing each column for your entry. Add the information you have and hopefully others will have more information to contribute. 

All information in this spreadsheet is in English, but please preserve the names of the people as written by Anne Lister and others.

Anyone can help research and add additional information for each references in this spreadsheet.