Our curated community calendar is your go-to source for both virtual and on-site events that cater to the diverse interests of individuals following Anne Lister or Gentleman Jack. 

Launched in 2020, the Anne Lister Research Summit is an annual online conference we host, bringing people together to share knowledge and develop collaborations across many timezones over the course of three days of presentations, workshops, discussions and other activities.

In October 2020, we celebrated the popular #Inktober by taking a Lister-esque approach to the challenge and issuing prompts inspired by  Ann Walker's Sketchbook and Anne Lister’s Doodles for each day of the month. Take a look at the collected works from our creative community!

While people are (getting) familiar with Anne Lister's journals, she also left behind a significant amount of correspondence. To spread awareness, we celebrated Valentine's Day 2021 by sharing some of the most charming excerpts that can be found in letters exchanged between Lister and her lovers.

To celebrate Anne Lister's 230th birthday in 2021, we challenged our community (and their creativity) to join us in a bake off extravaganza from wherever they are in the world and meet "Anne" at her birthday party. Read more about the event from Diva Magazine, or replay the event and browse submissions.

In October 2021, we celebrated #Inktober by challenging participants to re-create or re-imagine wax seals of Lister's correspondents as described in the Wax Seals & Stamps tracker. Take a look at what our community came up with!

Attendees of the 2022 Anne Lister Research Summit created a "zine" (short for magazine) as a fun collaborative DIY publication documenting the event, and featuring commentary on Anne Lister and the Anne Lister research community. Flip through the pages here, or learn more about zines from this workshop at the Summit.

Packed with Potential maintainer Lívia Labate recaps known open collaborative projects available in Anne Lister research today and shares how you can engage and contribute.

Sarah from Calderdale Libraries talks to some of the researchers from Packed with Potential about collaborative research, libraries, archives, going down epic research rabbit holes and more.

Sam Bennion and Alison Kirchgasser (UK and US based respectively) talk with Forbes Library about how they got involved in the transcription project organized by the WYAS, and describe the transcription process, sharing some of the information available in the journals.

Steph Gallaway and Livia Labate joined Historians Collaborate for a "Collaboration in Action", a free workshop to share how we at PwP work together as independent researchers to share Anne Lister's story. Slides from the presentation are available here.

Twice Removed, Series 2 Episode 5 - Discovering Anne Lister

Lívia Labate and Amanda Pryce join Natalie Pithers of Genealolgy Stories to talk about work to decipher Anne's diaries, discovering the 'real Anne' and sharing her stories with the world.

Lívia Labate joins Pat Esgate to talk about the efforts of the tireless group of researchers involved with PwP, and where they are headed next.