Lister Art Challenge

a 2020 #Inktober Challenge

Published on 30 September 2020
 Cover photo: Jon Moore 

Are you up to the challenge of reimagining Anne Lister’s doodles or recreating Ann Walker’s sketches?

October means new art coming to light as people all over the world work their way through Inktober. Last year, many used Gentleman Jack as inspiration.  This time, take on this very Lister-esque challenge and join us sketching, drawing, doodling, or create stickman art inspired by the adventures of our favorite Lister and our dear Miss Walker! We'll make an exception for #NoGoats. 😉

Make Anne and Ann proud!

We all know Anne Lister could be a fierce critic, but we trust that the community will embrace every new piece inspired by both Anne and Ann's shenanigans.  This is your chance to make them both proud.

We'll collate publicly available works on this page as they are posted.

Daily prompts

For your daily sketching, you can pick any item in Ann Walker Sketchbook and Anne Lister’s Doodles, but if you want more constraints, you can follow the daily prompts below. It's really fun to get lost researching what these things are, so we also welcome you sharing back anything you learn or references you find!

Day 17: Escutcheon of pretence of Gustav Vasa (coat of arms of the Vasa)


Day 18:  "on arriving Ann ate one wing and the breast of a cold fowl then sketched Vignemale from the cabane door in her little note rough book"


Day 19: Handeckfall, a waterfall in Handeck, Switzerland


Day 20: "some time with A- [Ann] and Mr Horner - set them at work in the tower study - A- [Ann] sketching the valley in watercolours" Shibden Valley, seen from the library tower at Shibden Hall.


Day 21: "Marble urn in Gothic tomb at Cimetiere de l'Est, or of Mont Louis, Paris"

Day 22: "Then with A- [Ann] who attempted for the 1st time a little figure (a woman) in colours -"

Day 23: Central temple, Fire Temple of Baku 

Day 24: "certainly the largest, most perfect, and most beautiful ruin I ever saw [...] Miss W- sketching the interior of the church part (from the gallery behind the high alter) from 1 1/2 to 5 1/2 -" The Fountains Abbey at Studley

Day 25: "Castle on a hill" (The Jvari Monastery, atop a hill near Mtskheta.)

Day 26: "Ann is sketching the church – she did the castle very nicely this morning" Old Upsala church and Upsala castle, Sweden

Day 27: a building at a vineyard near Kisliar 

Day 28: "Ann had sketched the station house – one of the most picturesque we have had." Station house at Jordbro, Sweden 

Day 29: "Cottage built by Kean in Loch Fud Scotland"

Day 30: "A- [Ann] w[e]nt to the cathed[ra]l ab[ou]t 8 or aft[e]r to sketch the inter[io]r and ret[urne]d at 9 35/”" Interior of Reims Cathedral

Day 31: Prevailing bonnet style in Paris, 1831 


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