Summary and timeline of events describing the process that removed Ann Walker from Shibden Hall.

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Summary and timeline of events describing a land aquisition from Mr Charles Horncastle, which later progressed into a legal matter.

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Summary and timeline of events describing Anne Lister addressing 'detestable falsehoods' during a stop in Mauléon with Ann Walker

Summary and timeline of events describing how Anne Lister protected Ann Walker one last time by getting her to go abroad at a tumultuous time.

This article explores how Anne came to choose her Paris apartments, how she used them over her different visits, and what we know today about their locations.

This article explores how the history of the Lister family intersects to that of the Halifax Minster and offers options to possible locations of Anne Lister's grave.

This article explores Anne Lister's and Ann Walker's interactions with the College of Arms and provides information about their coats of arms.

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You may know Anne Lister for her journals, her love life, and her connection to Shibden Hall in Halifax. However, you may not know that she was also an accomplished mountaineer, climber, and hiker. 

What can Anne’s journals tell us about Christmas during the early 19th century? Were there any traditions observed that we might recognise today?

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In August 1838, Anne Lister undertook the most consequential climb of her career as a mountaineer. Mt. Vignemale, previously thought to be inaccessible from the French side of the border, was the stage of a rush to the summit between Anne and the Prince de la Moscowa.

In this article we explore Anne Lister's and Ann Walker's decision-making process as they change their wills over the years to suit their needs and we also provide a few insights regarding some of the provisions included in these interesting legal documents. 

This piece is a brief overview of the Shibden Estate coal mines, with emphasis on the two pits that feature prominently in Anne Lister’s journal: the Walker Pit and Listerwick Pit.

An overview of Anne's travels around Buxton and the Peak District, featuring travel maps. This work also includes details about Anne's travels with Mariana Lawton around this area in 1825.

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In the spring of 1830, Anne started to think about a trip to the Pyrenees, which she debated undertaking with Lady Stuart de Rothesay as her companion. Unbeknownst to her, this would lead her to yet another impressive achievement in her career as a mountaineer: the ascent of Mont Perdu.

In November 1824, Anne Lister consulted a renowned Parisian surgeon, Guillaume Dupuytren, hoping to cure a venereal disease. This kind of visit – and examination – was one that most 19th-century women were reluctant to undergo.