Where to find transcriptions of Anne Lister's journal entries published online.

An expansive index of publications about Anne Lister and her time, and how to access them.

A comprehensive compendium of all published books about Anne Lister.

Verifying common claims with evidence from historical sources.

Anne Lister's Society

Genealogical exploration of the aristocratic and emerging middle class families in Anne Lister's journals.

Her History In The Archives

Research of archival documents and references with particular attention given to Mariana Belcombe's family.

Calderdale Companion

A collection of miscellaneous facts and interesting information about Halifax and the Calderdale district of West Yorkshire, England.

Friends of St Matthew's Churchyard, Lightcliffe

Research on people of interest buried in the St. Matthew’s Churchyard, including Ann Walker, the Walker family and friends, as well as neighbours, tenants, and hired hands connected to both Ann Walker and Anne Lister.

Eliza Left Us

An evolving project to make searching the WYAS archive index more easily searchable that includes locating journal pages by date, a weather report tool, and an index keyword finding aid.

AL Index

This open-source project uses a calendar to make locating fully transcribed entries that are publicly available more easily accessible for those searching for information in the journal by date.

Listeria Transcription Tools

Includes a crypt-hand encoder/decoder, and an MS Word "add-in" that spell-checks abbrev[iate]d w[o]rds and transcript formatting to assist contributors of the WYAS diary transcription project.