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Published on  2 December, 2020  · Last updated on  22 February, 2023

Anne Lister travelled widely throughout her life. 

She documented her journeys and observations in journals, travel journals and letters to friends and family, many of which are held in archive by West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale.

Anne's writings about her travels offer us a unique insight into her world and that of her contemporaries. They reveal what travelling was like in the early nineteenth century, whether taking a short sightseeing excursion or embarking on a grand European tour. Anne's observations detail long sea voyages, steamboat rides, mountain ascents,  and of course long uncomfortable periods in bumpy stagecoaches and carriages.

"Going abroad always likely to do good - People should not grow mouldy at home -

Mrs. John Edwards to Anne Lister, 3 Nov 1834 


A group of transcribers and travel enthusiasts have created these digital maps as immersive guides, tracing the footsteps of Anne Lister during her cross-country adventures, brief holidays, and city explorations across Britain and Europe from 1819 to 1840.

They offer an engaging platform for individuals to virtually embark on journeys that mirror Lister's own, or can serve as immersive guides to take along and reference during your own trips.

Bon voyage! 

You can also follow along with this workshop from the Anne Lister Summit, and use this guide to get started making your own StoryMaps!

Walking Tours

Copenhagen Walking Tour

by Adeline Lim in collaboration with Anne Lister Italia(May 2022)

London Walking Tour, 1824 (Part 1)

by Adeline Lim and Steph Gallaway (March 2020)
London Walking Tour, 1824 (Part 2)by Adeline Lim and Steph Gallaway (March 2020)

A Walking Tour of Oxford, 1826

by Amanda & Alex Pryce (December 2021)

Walking Tour of Trier, 1833

by Adeline Lim (May 2020)

Highlights of Lake Geneva

by Adeline Lim (June 2022)

Travels between 1819-1829

Paris to London via Normandy, 1819

by Mhairi and Adeline Lim (April 2020)

Anne Lister's Tour of North Wales, 1822

by Jenna Beyer(July 2020)

The Craven Excursion,  1823 (Part 1)

by Kerstin Holzgraebe and Helen Childers (September 2021)

The Craven Excursion,  1823 (Part 2)

by Kerstin Holzgraebe and Helen Childers (February 2022)
Anne Lister's Journey to Paris via Dover, 1824by Adeline Lim and Steph Gallaway (March 2020)

The Lake District, 1824

by Mhairi M, Kate Igoe and Adeline Lim (April-May 2020) 

Buxton and the Peak District, 1825

by Lynn Shouls(February 2023)

Wales & Dublin, 1826

by Janneke van der Weijden & Susanne Piotrowski(August 2020)
Going to Italy, 1827Anne Lister's Italian journeyby Francesca Raia, Lucia Falzari, Irene Trotta & Adeline Lim

Tour of Venice, 1827

by Adeline Lim (May 2020)
Anne Lister's Soleure, Switzerland 1827by Adeline Lim (April 2021)
Tour of Scotland, 1828 (Part 1)by Leigh Mitchinson and Amanda Pryce (March 2020)

Tour of Scotland, 1828 (Part 2)

by Leigh Mitchinson, Amanda Pryce & Janneke van der Weijden (April 2022)

Tour of Aix-la-Chapelle, Aachen, 1829

by Susanne PiotrowskiJanneke van der Weijden(April 2022)

Travels between 1830-1839

John Walker Jr & Frances Esther Penfold's Honeymoon, 1830

by Diane Halford(October 2020)

Tour of The Netherlands, 1831

by Adeline Lim and Janneke van der Weijden(February 2020)

A Solo Tour of Southern England, 1831

by Jenna Beyer(July 2021)

Copenhagen to London, 1833 

by Janneke van der Weijden and Susanne Piotrowski

(May 2021)

Anne Lister & Ann Walker
Paris Walking Tour, 1834

by Julie Gonnet (February 2024)

Anne Lister & Ann Walker
The Honeymoon, 1834

by Julie Gonnet & Anne Lister Italia (February 2024)

South of France & Northern Spain, July 1838

by Jessica Betik and Alex Pryce (April 2020)

Tour of Belgium & Journey to Paris 1838

by Dorjana Sirola and Adeline Lim (April 2020)

London to Copenhagen Sprint, 1839

by Adeline Lim (July 2020)

The Ann(e)'s Tour of Denmark, 1839

by Adeline Lim(July 2020)

Tour of Sweden, 1839 (Part 1)

by Adeline Lim and Ylva Nilson (August 2020)

Tour of Sweden, 1839  (Part 2)

by Adeline Lim and Ylva Nilson (August 2020)

Tour of Sweden, 1839  (Part 3)

by Adeline Lim and Ylva Nilson (October 2020)
Cover Image:  Andrew Neel