This website is made possible thanks to the continued volunteer work of many people who research, write, transcribe, proofread, fact-check, make web pages, visit archives and libraries, hunt for graves, troll databases, share information, promote resources, and facilitate conversations and partnerships with a variety of people out in the world who share the desire to understand and promote Anne Lister.

If you would like to get involved (or if you are already and would like to be listed on this page), please get in touch.

Livia Labate

@livlab, she/her

Livia is a digital product designer in Baltimore, Maryland (US). She is the founder and a maintainer of this website, as well as the Anne Lister Research Summit, and a past Anne Lister Birthday Week volunteer.

Favorite annelisterism:
How she uses different units of measure depending on where she is. Because science. And the endless book reading.

Marlene Oliveira

@moliveiradev, she/her

Marlene is a Software Engineer in Portugal. She is a maintainer of PwP, pioneering a vast amount of research for this site, a member of the Summit Squad, and an #AnneListerCodeBreaker.

Favorite annelisterism:
How Anne is a fearless adventurer, a massive geek, and an optimist.

Steph Gallaway

@skgway, she/her

Steph is a Digital Media Producer in Kearney, Nebraska (US). She is a maintainer of this site, an #AnneListerCodeBreaker, member of the Summit Squad, technical director for ALBW Live, creator of the Anne Lister Sex Guide.

Favorite annelisterism:
That in her eyes, most days were (even despite her notes sometimes suggesting otherwise) a "fine day."

Amanda Pryce


Amanda is a medical coder in Cambridgeshire, UK. She is a maintainer of this site and creator of the Anne Lister Timeline, a member of the Summit Squad, and an #AnneListerCodeBreaker with a keen interest in Anne, the mountaineer.

Favorite annelisterism:
How Anne's thirst for knowledge, and desire to understand herself took her all over the world at a time when travel was extremely difficult. Nothing ever stopped her!

Shantel Smith

@ShantelSmithMDE, she/her

Shantel is an Instructional Design Solution Lead in Durham, North Carolina. Dedicated to educating the public on the science of Mariana & the Belcombes and tirelessly recruits for the #TeamMariana cause. Promotes #TeamDigThemUp for science, helps maintain this site and the Anne Lister Research Summit

Favorite annelisterism:
Loving Mariana

Favorite marianaism:
"I did not believe you could in heart forget me and I thank you for the remembrance of which you speak but I would rather have had a line in season."

Kat Williams

@KaeD_Wills, she/they

Kat is a recent graduate of Film and TV Production based in East Yorkshire, UK. She is a maintainer of this site, member of the Summit Squad, an #AnneListerCodeBreaker, and ALBW Live volunteer. Dedicated to research on Sibbella and the Macleans.

Favorite annelisterism:
Anatomy loving Lister; carrying out dissections in her Paris attic.

Janneke van der Weijden

@Jannekevanderw, she/her

Janneke works in the airline industry, on the ground. She is a keen #AnneListerCodeBreaker who wishes there were more hours in a day. Special interests are Anne's travels and music/theater.

Favorite annelisterism:
Her zest for life and ability to get on with people of all walks of life.

Jude Dobson

@macdob, she/her

Jude is based in Halifax, UK and spends lots of quality time doing research about local history and digging into archival records.

Favorite annelisterism:
(we don't know, we're waiting for Jude to tell us. She's probably at the library.)

Lynn Shouls

@ScepeDeneDays, she/her

Lynn is a retired lawyer, lives in England, and is an #AnneListerCodeBreaker with an interest in heraldry.

Favorite annelisterism:
Anne's energy and spirit, still so compelling nearly two hundred years after her death!

Pauline M.

@Poluss77, she/her

Pauline is a management controller in France. She contributes to research on Anne Lister for this website, helped plan the Anne Lister Research Summit, and has looked at too many maps of Rue St. Victor.

Favorite annelisterism:
Her constant need to learn new things.

Jenna Beyer


Jenna is a Master of Nursing student in Sydney, Australia and is an  #AnneListerCodeBreaker

Favorite annelisterism:
That she must comment on and ideally measure every bridge that she sees, and that she is such a huge nerd.

Chloe Nacci


Chlo is based in the Lake District (UK). When she’s not at the office, she enjoys fell walking with her dog, Finn. She is an #AnneListerCodeBreaker and member of the Summit Squad.

Favourite annelisterism:
Her meticulous time keeping and constant thirst for knowledge.

Jessica Payne


Jessica is a Project Manager for the NHS based in Lancaster, UK and is an #AnneListerCodeBreaker who has spent many Christmases with Anne. You will usually find her listening to musicals on repeat.

Favorite annelisterism:
Anne’s need to investigate everything but especially when she tells her journal that “I must investigate”.

Adeline Lim

@LaFemmeAd, she/her

Travels a little, likes maps a lot, still searching for two large chickens and is an #AnneListerCodeBreaker and author of In the Footsteps of Anne Lister.

Favorite annelisterism: 
That she compares a lot of Europe's landmarks to York Minster, or to Yorkshire's rivers and landscape. And even if the landmark structure is celebrated for its architecture, she might prefer it 'her way' - less squat, more round, a different colour, etc. - and she expresses this in the most acerbic manner.

Jane Kendall

@janekendalljane, she/her

Jane is a retired lawyer, amateur artist, flower gardener, and very proud #AnneListerCodeBreaker living in Richmond, Virginia.  A great admirer of Anne Lister's remarkable vocabulary, Jane spearheaded the creation of Anne Lister's Dictionary and regularly contributes to that and the other trackers on PwP.

Favorite annelisterism:
The word "agreeableizing" and all that it entails

Kerstin Holzgraebe

@A_While_Since, she/her

Kerstin is a teacher and lives in Germany. She is an #AnneListerCodeBreaker.

Favorite annelisterism: Her self-confidence, thirst for knowledge, and nerdiness – "Take the present assurance, the fruit of time and of experience that is not wise thus to quarrel with me."

Jessica Btik


If Brak was an #AnneListerCodeBreaker and dropped dank memes.

Favorite annelisterism:
(waiting for Jess to let us know. She's probably getting some well deserved sleep)

Ylva Nilson

@NilsonYlva, she/her

Archaeologist and senior curator at a county museum in Sweden and an #AnneListerCodeBreaker .

Favorite annelisterism:
Her drive to always better herself and the way she absorbs life.

Diane (Di) Iglesias

@diane_iglesias, she/her

Retired lawyer, avid golfer,  an #AnneListerCode Breaker, married.

Favorite annelisterism:
Her ability to describe in such detail the places she visits and the people she meets. Her thirst for knowledge and her desire to find a companion for life.

Erin Resso

@deejayres, she/her

Wife // Billie Louise’s Baba // software engineer //  DJ // #AnneListerCodeBreaker. 

Favorite annelisterism:
How she writes in her journal about writing in her journal. (ie: "wrote the above of today”)

JY Jiang


A student of Life Sciences in China, creator of the AL Index, and an #AnneListerCodeBreaker.

Favorite annelisterism:
Her curiosity, her passion of life, and the love of data.

Dorjana Širola

@d_sirola, ona/nje/njoj/nju/njom/njome/njojzi/njun/je/joj/ju

#AnneListerCodeBreaker, quizzer, software tester and recovering academic linguist (obscure alphabets a speciality). Croatian living in Canterbury (UK) with wife and cat.

Favorite annelisterism:
“walked forwards in quest of horrors”

Heather McClain

@hmcclain61y, she/her, etc

Heather is a Software Technical Sales unit executive at a large corporation, and lives in Atlanta, GA, USA.  She is an #AnneListerCodeBreaker who wishes she had more time to devote to this exciting project.  Her special interests include woodworking, kayaking, snow skiing, hiking, and pretty much anything in the great outdoors.

Favorite annelisterism:
Her zest for life, irrepressible optimism, and the fact that she never gave up on Ann Walker.

 David Hughes


A person of leisure from Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. Co-editor with Prof. Hannah Barker of ’Business and Family in the North of England during the Early Industrial Revolution', published by OUP, and an #AnneListerCodeBreaker.

Favorite annelisterism:
‘Very nice’, ‘very civil’ and, everyone’s favourite, ’fine day’.

Sarah Wingrove

@saz_wingrove, she/they

Sarah is a PhD candidate at the University of Surrey, researching Lister's motivations for travel around Britain and Ireland, who has also facilitated several sessions for the Anne Lister Research Summit.

Favorite annelisterism: "I have still more romance than can let me bear the stimulus the fearful rousing of novel reading," Valentines Day, 1821. And yet she continues to read novels! 


If you would like to get involved (or if you are already and would like to be listed on this page), please get in touch

Send us your info, a photo (not required) and favorite listerism of your choosing!

Anne Lister

Landed lady from Halifax, Yorkshire (UK), who travels incessantly and eats too much cold veal. She's a voracious reader, avid diarist and provides the vast majority of information for this website.

Favorite annelisterism:  “I have learnt, too, that I have got into too voluminous a manner of journalizing - I must spend less time in this way"

How to contribute to Packed with Potential

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