Ann Walker's sketchbook

Marlene OliveiraPublished on 9 June, 2020 · Last updated on 29 June, 2023
 Cover photo: Marius Masalar

Ann Walker was a prolific artist.

Mentions of Ann Walker spending some time sketching or drawing aren't uncommon in Anne Lister's journals. During her years with Anne, Miss Walker had several drawing masters and experimented with different techniques. Shibden Hall was a frequent subject in Ann's art, but she also sketched several other subjects during her travels with Anne Lister.

This project collects references to Ann Walker's sketches, watercolors, and other artworks that are mentioned in Anne Lister's journals.

Ann Walker's art mentioned in Anne Lister's journals

There is no complete list of Ann Walker's artworks. It's very likely that she worked on many different pieces over her life but, unfortunately, none of those pieces has been found so far.

The spreadsheet below is a collaborative effort to compile as many references to Ann's art as possible. 

Ann Walker's Sketchbook


This project is made possible through ongoing contributions from the following people:

How to contribute to this project

Tip: Don't worry about redundancy; enter any information you have and we'll reconcile duplicates later.

All information in this spreadsheet is in English, but please preserve the names of the subjects Ann sketches (like mountains, churches, places at Shibden, etc) as written by Anne Lister.

Anyone can help research and add additional information for each references in this spreadsheet.

If you want to help research information about these references or help find any of these artworks, please follow the steps above and note you would like to research the entries.