Ann Walker's sketchbook

Marlene OliveiraPublished on 9 June, 2020 · Last updated on 20 May, 2024
 Cover photo: Marius Masalar

Ann Walker was a prolific artist.

Mentions of Ann's artistic activities are scattered throughout Anne Lister's journals, documenting her consistent engagement with art, often spending time sketching or drawing. During her years with Anne, Ann Walker pursued formal training with several drawing masters and experimented with a variety of techniques and mediums. Shibden Hall, the historic home she shared with Anne Lister, was a frequent subject in her art. However, her creative expression extended far beyond Halifax, capturing landscapes, people, and scenes from her travels with Anne. 

While no complete sketchbooks of Ann Walker have survived, several of her sketches, doodles, and drawings are known to exist. Ann also practiced calligraphy and had a keen interest in her family history and heraldry. As part of her application to the College of Arms for a formal coat of arms for the Walker family, she created detailed copies of various coats of arms. Examples of these can be found in the West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, particularly in folder CN:102​ and a few are published here.

This project is a collaborative effort to compile and preserve these references to her art. We invite users to contribute by adding mentions of Ann Walker's artworks, including descriptions of what she was illustrating or drawing, the circumstances under which she was working, and the mediums she employed. 

By gathering these scattered references, we aim not only to piece together a more complete picture of Ann Walker's artistic interests and talents but also to provide a valuable resource for researchers and enthusiasts in their efforts to rediscover or properly attribute Walker's artworks that may remain uncovered in archives or private collections.

Ann Walker's art mentioned in Anne Lister's journals

The spreadsheet below is a collaborative effort to compile as many references to Ann Walker's art as possible. This includes sketches, watercolors, and other artworks mentioned in Anne Lister's journals, Walker's own journal, or other letters and memoranda.

Ann Walker's Sketchbook


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All information in this spreadsheet is in English, but please preserve the names of the subjects Ann sketches (like mountains, churches, places at Shibden, etc) as written by Anne Lister.

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