Anne Lister's religion

Lívia LabatePublished on 14 December, 2020 · Last updated on 29 June, 2023
 Cover photo: Michael D. BeckwithProject Leader: Jane Finn

Religion was a big part of Anne Lister's life.

Mentions of Anne Lister spending time in church aren't uncommon in her journals. Whether she is attending a religious service (and often sleeping through it), visiting places of worship or commenting on the quality of a sermon, there are always interesting details to be read.

This project collects references to Anne Lister's time in church, her opinions about the services she attends, and commentary about the religious places she visits throughout her life. 

Anne Lister's own Rate My Preacher

Was the service good enough to warrant her attention? What about the clergyman? Is the sermon preached proper? Anne Lister had many opinions regarding what constituted a good sermon. When sleep didn't beckon during her time at church, she kept an eye and ear on the sermon and wasn't shy to add her commentary to her journal entries.  When she travelled, Anne wasn't shy to note every detail she found interesting in other religions and places of worship, often providing a very rich view of how religion was seen and practiced at home and abroad.

The spreadsheet below is a collaborative effort to compile as many references of Anne's mentions of religious places, services and preaching styles, among others.

Reference tracker: Anne Lister & religion


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