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Steph GallawayPublished on 12 November, 2023
Cover photo: Langton Hall by Steph Gallaway

Embark on an Anne Lister Pilgrimage

Exploring locations of historical significance related to figures like Anne Lister not only captivates our imagination but also strengthens our connection to the past. Such pilgrimages let us to step into their world, stand in their footsteps, and tangibly experience the settings of their lives. Anne Lister, recognizing the value of such experiences, frequently journeyed to places associated with notable figures, reveling in the thrill of being in the same physical space they once occupied.

For Lister enthusiasts and those fascinated by other individuals in her life,ย  compiling a list of locations from her journals that are still accessible today is invaluable. Traversing the paths she walked and visiting the places she frequented brings her experiences vividly to life. These sites become touchstones for understanding her story, allowing individuals to connect with Lister and her contemporaries on a deeper level,ย  and immerse themselves in the environments that shaped her existence.ย 

For more comprehensive trip planning, based on the area of interest, consider consulting our Travel Maps to replicate a particular sightseeing excursion, or see Anne Lister's Travel Tips & Reviews for any insights and observations that Lister may have noted about places she was visiting.

"speaking of having intended writing Mr. Dโ€“ [Duffin] an account of our little tour, said I had now given up the thought โ€“ I am scared at the present stupidity of my ideas, and shall not now venture them in wordy garb โ€“ There is a certain spirit in our feelings, which if not caught as it rises, is speedily gone forever, and leaves no trace behind."

โ€”Anne Lister, 2 July 1823 (SH:7/ML/E/7/0034)

Oh, the places you'll go!

Use this map while you're exploring to plan your routes with locations that are near each other, ensuring a smoother and more organized experience. If you're standing in one of the locations, submit a photo and we'll include that in the ledger details to make buildings and spaces more easily recognizable for future travelers!

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The spreadsheet below is a collaborative effort to compile a list of visitable locations from Anne Lister's journals, offering an indispensable tool for those intending to delve into her history. This directory features up-to-date addresses, maps, and links to fascinating historical context, allowing for well-informed and deliberate trip planning. We hope this resource helps you simplify the logistics of your travel, allowing you to effortlessly follow in Lister's footsteps and fully engage with the world she inhabited.

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