Adney Tracker

Published on 16 December, 2020 · Last updated on 6 September, 2022

Adney or Adny?

Ann Walker's nickname has been discussed a lot over the last year. The reason behind the choice of that particular nickname hasn't emerged so far, but Anne Lister uses it often both in correspondence and in her journal.

This project collects references to Ann Walker's nickname, as mentioned in Anne Lister's journals and correspondence.

Miss Walker's nickname in Anne Lister's journal and correspondence

Ann's nickname shows up in Anne's journals and other papers, but no comprehensive list of its occurrences has been compiled. Sometimes, this nickname is used in other people's correspondence to mention Ann.

The spreadsheet below is a collaborative effort to compile as many references of Ann's nickname and its variations as possible.

Reference: The Adney Tracker


This project is made possible through ongoing contributions from the following people:

  • Adeline Lim

  • Amanda Pryce

  • Heather McClain

  • Jan Webster

  • Janneke Van Der Weijden

  • Kerstin Holzgraebe

  • Leila Straub

  • Lívia Labate

  • Marlene Oliveira

  • Nga Huynh Phuong

  • Shantel Smith

  • Steph Gallaway

  • Ylva Nilson

How to contribute to this project

  1. Request access to edit the spreadsheet. Please include an email address that is associated with a Google account (this is the only requirement to participating in this project). If you don't have one, here's how to do it.

  2. You will receive an email confirming you have editorial access.

  3. Once granted access, you can add a new item to the bottom of the list.

Tip: Don't worry about redundancy; enter any information you have and we'll reconcile duplicates later.

All information in this spreadsheet is in English, but please preserve the spellings of Ann's nickname, as written by Anne Lister and others.

Anyone can help research and add additional information for each references in this spreadsheet.

If you want to help research information about these references, please follow the steps above and note you would like to contribute.

Cover photo: David Nitschke