Anne Lister journal transcripts

Published 1 January, 2020. Last updated 16 February 2021.

Anne Lister wrote over four million words over her lifetime (1791-1840) in the form of personal journals (a sixth of which in coded language to keep secret the details of her intimate life and reflections), gifting us with insight about a rich and adventurous life. The journals are kept by the West Yorkshire Archive Service. The facsimile image for each journal page can be accessed fully and freely online from the WYAS online catalogue.

There is no complete, fully available version of all transcribed journals today.

However, there are hundreds of volunteers—known as Anne Lister Code Breakers—doing this transcription work today and generously donating their transcriptions back to the archives so that someday they may be available to all. (Anyone can join this collective effort). You can follow this ongoing work under the #AnneListerCodeBreaker hashtag on Twitter. As well, many books about Anne Lister contain excerpts of journal entries.

Below is a list of blogs by codebreakers, where you can read various transcribed entries from different periods in Anne Lister’s life. If you know of any others, please let us know.

Anne Lister of Halifax

by Karen Trillo

Transcription of Anne Lister's Journal - 22/3/1835 - 29/2/1836

Very Civil

by David Hughes (@ParkieBath)

Entries from Anne Lister's journal

Tolerably Good Transcriptions

by Alison Kirchgasser

Covers 1818 and will include 1819 to 1831.


by Jane Kendall (@janekendalljane)

Journal transcriptions from 1829 Jul. 11-29; 1830 Nov. 10-Dec. 1; 1831 Jul. 7-Aug. 1 and Dec. 5-25; 1832 Mar. 1-21 and Sep. 28-Oct. 15; 1833 Feb. 6-Mar. 4 and Sept. 18-Nov. 9; 1835 Jan. 2-28, Sept. 8-Oct. 18, and Dec. 15-31; 1836 Jan. 1-21

Anne Lister's Adventures

by Marlene Oliveira (@moliveiradev)

Journal transcriptions from different years, mostly from 1836 onwards.

Anne Lister Journal Transcriptions

by Steph Gallaway (@skgway)

Transcriptions of entries from Anne Lister’s stay with the Norcliffe family at Langton Hall in 1818, 1820, with the Belcombes at Petergate in 1821, Isabella's Norcliffe's stay with the Listers at Shibden Hall in 1824, Anne's journey to Paris (and introduction to Maria Barlow) in 1824, writing to Sibella MacLean and Maria Barlow from Shibden Hall in 1825, visit to Lawton Hall in 1828 with Mariana and Charles, the 'Mr. Ainsworth' business with Ann Walker in 1832, and more.

The Real Anne Lister

by Leigh Mitchinson (@annelisteruncut)

An assortment of “Uncut Diary Transcriptions” across various years, including a series following the travels of Anne Lister and Sibella MacLean through Scotland.

Anne Lister Journals

by Jan Webster(@JanWebs17461835)

Journal transcriptions, mostly from 1828.

Magnesia and Lemon Juice

by Jessica Payne (@jessicampayne)

Journal transcriptions, mostly from 1826.

Ver[y] Fine Day

by JY Jiang

Journal transcriptions, mostly from 1839.

Anne Lister Norway

by Yvonne Haugen (@yvonnehaugen)

Transcripts of the full Norway travel journal with illustrations, maps markings and comments.

Pink Mead

by Ylva Nilson (@shewolfse)

Anne Lister Code Breaker in learning. Journal transcripts from 1839.

This Was A While Since

by Kerstin H (@A_While_Since)

Journal transcriptions from 1828.

Wrote The Above of Today

by Erin Resso (@deejayres)

Journal transcriptions, mostly from 1825.

Was Always A Great Pickle

by Chloe Nacci (@chloenacho)

Journal transcriptions, mostly from 1825-1830.

Dawdling Over One Thing or Other

by Amanda Pryce (@AmandaDS)

Journal transcriptions from different years, mostly from 1824.

Anne Lister’s Diary

by Lily Mo (@woollymitts)

Picking up from where the first season of Gentleman Jack TV show ended, journal entries from March 31, 1834 onwards.


by Kate Igoe (@nakajimab5n)

Journal transcriptions from different years, mostly from 1831

Anne's adventures in England and abroad

by Janneke van der Weijden (@JannekevanderW)

Journal transcriptions focused on Anne's travels, mostly from 1831.

Random AL Diary Transcriptions

by Janneke van der Weijden (@JannekevanderW)

Miscellaneous journal entries.

ver. fine day

by @PascM76

Days in the life of Miss Anne Lister through the transcriptions of her personal journal entries

The Diaries of Anne Lister

by Kathryn Emily (@KaeD_Wills)

Assorted journal entries.

Anne The Lass Lister

by Ripley (@who_the_lass)

Assorted entries from June, September and October 1819.

The Deeds to Shibden

by D. Širola (@d_sirola)

Transcriptions of Anne Lister's journal and travel notes

Anne Lister Coded Diary Entries

Author unknown |

Entries from the coded sections of Anne Lister's diaries from 20 October, 1832 through 11 August, 1840.

Helena Whitbread's transcripts

by Helena Whitbread (@helenawhitbread)

Select journal entries (some partial only) from the period of 1817-1824 from Helena Whitbread's extensive transcription work done for her books "I Know My Own Heart" and "No Priest But Love".

Christmas 1834

by Marlene Oliveira (@moliveiradev) (PDF)

Fully transcribed journal entries between 22 and 27 December, 1834.

Account for Miscellany

by Jessica Btik

Set of journal transcriptions spanning periods across the years 1836, 1837 and 1838.

Miss Lister Keeps A Journal

by Jenna Beyer (@BeyerJenna5)

In progress transcription of the period of May-July 1822, which will include Anne Lister's trip to Wales, where she visits the Ladies of Llangollen.

I Love and Only Love the Fairer Sex

by Soph (@Rundle_Walker)

In progress transcription of journal entries starting in late 1817.

Go On Fearlessly

by Sophie C.

Journal transcriptions focusing on Anne Lister's courtship of Ann Walker starting with their reacquaintance on 6 July, 1832.

Tour of North Wales 11-27 July 1822

by Kirsty McHugh, edited by Elizabeth Edwards

Transcription of journal entries from Anne's tour of North Wales 11-27 July, 1822.

Special thank you to Steph Gallaway for collecting initial references.